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Things to Read


Materials: Things to Read

Here you'll find a list of documents and resources to read to learn more about CHIRS, CHIRS members, applications, community involvement, and more.


Did You Know?
About brain injury CHIRS pamphlet
InterRAI Community Health Assessment
The InterRAI CHA (or RAI CHA) is a comprehensive and standardized assessment that helps to identify your support needs.

Things I didn't know about substance abuse and brain injury
Article published by our Clinical Director Dr. Carolyn Lemsky

Ontario Alliance for Action on Brain Injury (OAABI)
Videos: Four common scenarios that depict the causes and consequences of an ABI
People First
Dignity and Respect
Excellence and Quality
Integrity, Accountability, and Ethical Conduct
Flexible, Innovative, and Entrepreneurial
Accessibility and Inclusiveness
CHIRS works in partnership with Ontario Health and the Government of Ontario
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